More Males at Laura’s March 2014 and Laura’s Spirit Award Recipients

September 24, 2014

I am thrilled to report that, with close to 300 people in attendance, Laura’s March on September 13 had more participants than ever before. We also had a record number of men join us to show solidarity for ending sexual violence. Among them was UVM’s chapter of One in Four, a national organization dedicated to rape prevention; and representatives of AGR and PIKE fraternities. Having men involved is very heartening because it is mandatory that men and women join together to prevent the abomination of sexual violence.

At Laura’s March 2013, we initiated the awarding of Laura’s Spirit Award to a member of the community whose work goes above and beyond the norm in helping to prevent sexual violence and/or in helping survivors. Last year’s recipient was Tom Tremblay. This year, we selected 2 people as eminently worthy of recognition as Tom. They are Moriah McCullagh, a S.A.N.E. nurse at Fletcher Allen Health Care and Kiona Heath, the H.O.P.E. Works Advocacy Services Coordinator. Both women have demonstrated – and continue to demonstrate – an exemplary level of commitment and dedication not only to the programs with which they are affiliated but also, and more notably, to the clients they serve.