The LKW Fund works to eliminate the sexual violence that took Laura’s life and also to continue her legacy by supporting causes that she was passionate about, including art, nature, teaching, and aiding the less fortunate.

Therefore, the LKW Fund has two primary purposes:

1. Supporting organizations and programs which aid survivors of sexual assault and domestic abuse, including affected children, so that they have access to the services and assistance necessary to alleviate their suffering and to help end the cycle of violence.

2. Providing scholarships, as well as other resources, to disadvantaged children to participate in educational, arts, and nature programs, so that they may develop an appreciation and an abiding respect for the arts and the environment.

“Your kind donation will go toward scholarships for children who could otherwise not attend our summer camps. Thank you for your generosity and, rest assured, the children who will receive these scholarships will have an experience of a lifetime.”

–Craig Newman, Direct of Outreach for Earth Stewardship Raptor Camp