Sally Borden and Laura’s Spirit Award

August 25, 2016

Sally Borden, the Executive Director of the KidSafe Collaborative, is the recipient of the Laura’s March 2016 Laura’s Spirit Award. The KidSafe Collaborative, located in Burlington, is a premier child welfare organization whose mission is to prevent child abuse and neglect. At KidSafe since 1998, Sally became its executive director in 2001.

In recognition of her decades-long outstanding service on behalf of child protection and wellbeing, Sally has received many awards, among them the Vermont Agency of Human Services Community Award, the US Health & Human Services Administration for Children and Families Commissioner’s Award, the Queen City Police Foundation Antonio B. Pomerleau Medal of Honor, and the Rotary Club’s Frederick H. Tuttle Service Award.

At the Tuttle Service Award ceremony in 2016, Penne Tompkins of PenArts Communications and a former KidSafe staff member remarked of Sally, “She is passionate about building strong and healthy families and finding the best ways to achieve this goal, working across disciplines and with diverse groups.“ Penne further added, “She is frequently consulted and is a valued advisor to many who address child abuse and neglect issues in Chittenden County and, for that matter, throughout Vermont and beyond.”

Speaking at the same awards ceremony, Jeffrey M. Morin, CPA, Managing Partner, JMM & Associates,  stated that Sally has expertise in facilitating community protection teams that work together to provide parents and families the services and support they need to ensure safety and stability, including crucial services for pregnant women with a history of opiate abuse. He added, too, that she has developed critically acclaimed and indispensable state-wide training materials for child maltreatment prevention.

Aware of all her labors as a quintessential child advocate and aware of the breadth of her accomplishments, no one would be surprised that Sally Borden has received so many accolades and awards. It is an honor and privilege for the LKW Fund to add its name to the list of those who have given Sally Borden the recognition she well deserves by presenting her with the 2016 Laura’s Spirit Award at Laura’s March on September 10.